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Hey!! looks like you’re on the hunt for a professional wedding photographer. Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! We are a tight knit team of pro wedding photographers and artists with over a decade of wedding industry experience and an eye for beauty in everything we see and an extra soft spot for love stories.


We would love to have a story in every video we capture, edit and produce.  In allowing our lens to guide not only our eyes but also our hearts, our videos have told tales, kept secrets, shared love, excitement, shock and so many emotions, and our videos have managed to make such moments timeless.

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Don’t you like to enjoy yours or your beloved’s precious day with a peace of mind? We can make it possible. We have other wedding services like Drone, Live broadcast, Live printing, TV/Projector Display, Wedding cars ect. If you would like to book 4th Man as your photographer, simply contact us for some more information.

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